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Photo Friday: Valley of Fire State Park

As far as I can tell, in the aftermath of my April 2021 Grand Canyon rafting trip, I never did share a post on an amazing spot we visited on the way home--Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. That conveniently gives me a photo post for this week! This was a quick overnight stop on our way home--we pulled in mid-afternoon and nabbed just about the last campsite at the Arch Rock campgound. I was traveling with my brother- and sister-in-law. My vehicle is the small one :)  Note that the campsites had nice shade structures over the tables--much needed, even in late April. I did a quick exploration near our camp as the sun dropped, enjoying the low light and some great treats among the rocks. The Arch Rock for which the campground is named. Atlatl Rock is a large pictograph panel, with a set of stairs allowing for close views. Note the hunters and the bighorn sheep. The other campground is named for this rock. The artist's model.   We were up early to drive out the Mouse's Tank road

Photo Friday: Signs of Spring

I figure everyone is getting a little tired of winter by now, so I've gone about the neighborhood and gathered some photos of spring on its way! Granted, this is Seattle, not northern Minnesota, but if your spring is still a long way off (or if you live in the southern hemisphere and you are anxiously longing for winter), you can still enjoy the photos, and dream about maybe the best time of year. I shot all these on my cell phone while on my daily walks. Some kind of fruit tree. Not sure what this is, just starting to bloom in the park. Daffodils about to burst forth Lenten rose I'm not sure about this. Maybe Oregon grape? I've no idea. I loved the new leaves bursting out around the moss-covered stump. Snowdrops. Embarrassed to say this is in my own yard and I'm not sure what it is. Another tree or bush in the park, starting to bloom. All these blooming fruit trees tell me I should have gotten my new fruit trees last month. I hope this has given you a pleasant break fr

Photo Friday: Abstracts

Since I have actually caught up with my travels, I thought I'd dive into the archives and start sharing some of the "art" photos I've taken in the last few years. I enjoy shooting abstracts, but can include very few in my slide shows and fewer still in my trip reports on this blog. There's no narrative here--just enjoy the photos. I've explained some of them, but you don't have to read that part! Amazing how often close-ups of rocks look like aerial photos of the arid West. Sandstone offer nearly limitless possibilities, with or without lichen. This and the following 2 shots are from Valley of Fire State Park, NV--some of the most colorful rock I've seen anywhere. Just add water. Plants. Ancient trees--Bristlecone, white pine, and similar--fill me with wonder at the colors as well as the twists and curves. And one to leave you with... sometimes it's all about perspective. Hope you enjoyed those! ©Rebecca M. Douglass, 2023  As always, please ask per