Photo Friday: Abstracts

Since I have actually caught up with my travels, I thought I'd dive into the archives and start sharing some of the "art" photos I've taken in the last few years. I enjoy shooting abstracts, but can include very few in my slide shows and fewer still in my trip reports on this blog. There's no narrative here--just enjoy the photos. I've explained some of them, but you don't have to read that part!

Amazing how often close-ups of rocks look like aerial photos of the arid West.

Sandstone offer nearly limitless possibilities, with or without lichen.

This and the following 2 shots are from Valley of Fire State Park, NV--some of the most colorful rock I've seen anywhere.

Just add water.


Ancient trees--Bristlecone, white pine, and similar--fill me with wonder at the colors as well as the twists and curves.

And one to leave you with... sometimes it's all about perspective.

Hope you enjoyed those!

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  1. Those are cool. I freaking love nature.

    1. Thanks! I do love looking at the patterns and close-ups as well as the big scenery!


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