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Weekend Photos: Victoria Falls

Hard to believe, but my account of the Great African Adventure is nearly complete! This visit to Victoria Falls should finish it up. But don't despair--I have more photos to share from adventures enjoyed since getting home! The other posts from my Africa trip are: Arusha , Tarangire National Park , South Serengeti Part 1 , South Serengeti Part 2 ,  the rest of the Serengeti tour ,  Ngorogoro Crater ,  Mt. Meru , Mt. Kenya, Part 1 , Mt. Kenya, Part 2 ,  Kenya Safari Part 1 , and Kenya Safari Part 2 .     When we finished our second safari (the Kenya version), we had just one more plan before heading back to the States: a visit to the world's largest waterfall.  Located on the Zambezi River, which at this point in its long course divides the nations of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is more than a mile wide--making it one of the largest in the world by width, though it is exceeded by many in both height and volume of water. One feature that struck me, however, was the nature