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Weekend Photos: Mt. Kenya, Part 2

Today we are continuing our 7-day circumambulation of Mt. Kenya . The other posts from my Africa trip: Arusha , Tarangire National Park , South Serengeti Part 1 , South Serengeti Part 2 ,  the rest of the Serengeti tour ,  Ngorogoro Crater ,  Mt. Meru , and Mt. Kenya, Part 1 The fourth day of our round-the-mountain hike we woke to find that the winds that had plagued us the previous day hadn't died in the night. That wasn't really news: I'd had to get up at 2 a.m. to re-secure tent lines which had pulled out in the fierce gusts. Our dining tent had been dismantled the night before. But the cook tent, dismayingly, was a mess of broken poles and ripped nylon. And none of the staff--ours or those of the other party camped next to us--was to be found. Despite the wind, it was a beautiful morning. I had a pretty good hunch we'd find our crew up at the hut--after all, that heap of collapsed tentage was their "bunkhouse." And eventually our guide, Nicholas, crawled