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Book reviews: Several books about transgenderism

As I mentioned last week, I have recently learned that I have a transgender daughter. Because I'm an academic at heart, as soon as she told me this, I began hunting up and reading books on the subject. Because I'm cheap, I've been working on what's available at the library, on ebooks because I'm lazy and didn't want to walk up to the library in the rain. One thing jumped out at me: the library really needs to update the collection in this area. I was able to find virtually nothing (aside from memoirs, which aren't really what I was looking for at this point) less than 8 years old. Most seemed to date from about 2012. Here's a quick run-down on what I found, and what might or might not be helpful.   Title: My Child is Transgender: 10 Tips for Parents of Adult Trans Children Author: Matt Kailey Publication Info: Tranifesto Publishing, 2012. 28 pages. Publisher's Blurb: Your adult child has come out to you as transgender and is considering, or has alre