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Photo Friday: Road Trip to Utah

I was going to share photos today from my April backpack in Grand Gulch, but I realized there were too many fun shots from the roadtrip parts of the journey, so I'm starting there. On April 15 I left Seattle, headed to southern Utah via Salt Lake City airport, where I picked up my friend Gretchen. We had a half day extra before meeting other friends to backpack, so we visited Little Wild Horse Canyon, a beautiful slot canyon where I was very careful not to hurt myself.* *See report from last year on my spring trip to Utah . On the Road I do love me a good road trip. Leaving Seattle in the dregs of winter and heading into the Canyon Country is a special bonus. Made it over the Cascades with only a few snow flurries, and could enjoy a look back at snow-covered mountains and interesting lenticular clouds. Rest stops can be interesting. I was intrigued by the truck they had to invent in order to transport windmill vanes to the wind farms. I camped the first night in a state park in Ore