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Photo Friday: White Cloud Mountains Backpack

The last couple of weeks I've been writing about the dayhikes of September. Today, we're strapping on the big packs and heading into the Cecil D. Andrus/White Clouds Wilderness, just across the road (as it were) from the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. I did this hike with my brother-in-law  Tom, of, where you can find far better photos than I take (and buy them)! (No, I don't get a commission, but yes, I am willing to shamelessly promote friends and relations). Day 1: A slow start We deliberately took our time on this day, double-checking our packing and enjoying a glorious breakfast at the camper (big thanks to Carol for doing most of the cooking!), then lunch, before we began the hour's drive to the TH. The turn-off was only a few minutes down the road, but the Fourth of July Creek road runs a long, gravel/dirt way into the mountains to give hikers a good start on the good stuff. Heading to Washington Lake, then on to Chamberlain Lakes Signs and maps offe