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#WritePhoto Carriage

Photo by KL Caley Participating in the weekly #WritePhoto blog hop at KL Caley's New2Writing blog.  I'm a little late with this--expect more of the same this week, and next, but I'll put up a post when I think about it :)  Meanwhile, everyone enjoy the holidays of your choice (me, I'm a little inclined to choose them all, especially any with food associated). Today, in 530 words, we have a little Christmas story for you. Carriage   “Careful how you stow those things.” The order wasn’t necessary, but he gave it anyway.   “Are you sure this is going to work?” That was Crocus, always questioning his judgement. Questioning everyone’s judgement, to be fair. Crocus couldn’t take anything as a given, which he supposed wasn’t all bad.   “I’ve tested the horses. They’ll do.”   “Why can’t the reindeer—” Crocus started to ask.   “They need snow. The bare stones and pavements hurt their feet. Hooves,” he corrected himself. This business of ha