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Weekend Photos: Ngorogoro Crater

Finishing the Tanzania Safari today, so we can move on to a couple of amazing hikes. So far we have Arusha , Tarangire National Park , South Serengeti Part 1 , South Serengeti Part 2 , and the rest of the Serengeti tour . Today we move on to Ngorogoro Crater, the world's largest caldera* and an area dense with wildlife, including the endangered black rhino (spoiler alert: we only saw these from such a distance that the photos are useless, as you shall see). With the goal of seeing sunrise from the crater rim, we were up and out very early. Our first distraction was the well-chewed carcass of a cape buffalo which something had dragged into the road during the night. Despite that and other excitements, we made it to the perfect viewpoint at just the right time. After all the dirt roads, it was a bit odd to find the road down into the caldera (it's generally called Ngorogoro Crater, but is in fact a caldera**) paved, even with paving stones. It's really too steep to be left as

Weekend Photos: Serengeti and more

Hoping to finish up our Tanzania Safari today, but we shall see. The final two days were as jam-packed as all the rest, and photos were manageable only because I had some technical difficulties that greatly reduced the number of acceptable shots. You know it's been an amazing trip when you are actually glad to find horrible pictures that can be deleted without hesitation. Also: I'll respond to comments eventually, but this is posting automatically while I'm out backpacking. So far we have Arusha , Tarangire National Park , South Serengeti Part 1 , and South Serengeti Part 2 . In that report we actually moved north and into Serengeti National Park, and we resume the trip in the park, where we stayed at the Embalakai Camp, another tent camp but permanent, and very luxurious. As usual, we were up before dawn and ready to leave as soon as there was enough light to see the animals. Dawn on the Serengeti The lodge. The animals are perhaps most active in the morning, and the light

Weekend Photos: South Serengeti, Part 2

At last, I have finished editing the photos from my Tanzania safari (which accounts for nearly half of the photos from the whole trip), so I can get on with my trip report!  So far we have Arusha , Tarangire National Park , and South Serengeti Part 1 .  Today, we get some really special wildlife moments as we continue our drive through the Serengeti--out of the Ngorogoro Conservation Area and into Serengeti National Park. Misty dawn. Almost immediately we headed for a mother lion and three cubs, who were hard at work on a wildebeest she'd clearly killed just that morning. Just kittens having fun with their chew toy. The carcass was still steaming. Very young cubs--after a while, they headed for the milk bar. Eventually we left the poor lions in peace (to wander off and take a nap), and headed on. Not too far off we encountered a lone male lion, and then a trio of bat-eared foxes. Definitely one of the cuties, and not something we saw anywhere else. More giraffes! This pair of young