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Flash Fiction Flashback: Dahlia's Doorstep

Last Friday I shared the first of this pair of stories from 2015. Today we see some more of that multi-faceted cat Dahlia. I'm sharing on Wednesday because there's a logjam of stuff happening on Saturday--I'll be featured again at the S morgasbord Blog Magazine's Posts from the Archives. Much shorter, at about 800 words. Dahlia’s Doorstep The cat known to some as Dahlia sat on the doorstep and surveyed his world. Colorful leaves blew by, and a chill touched the air. It was fall. A general feeling of change ruffled his fur, as the scent of roasting fowls disturbed his magnificent complacency.   He did not, in fact, mind if the turkey was roasted or raw, nor did his friends.   If The Woman wanted it roasted, that was fine with him. Even a cat known to his friends as James Dean could compromise for the sake of a big hunk of turkey.   Killer Instinct arrived first. The dog was looking a bit thin and seedy, and slunk out of the bushes with a war