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Review: Smitten with Ravioli, by Ellen Jacobson

I've been reading Ellen Jacobson's hilarious cozy mysteries for years now, and we are (full disclosure time) fellow members of a cozy-mystery-writers' group and share beta reads, etc. Despite all that, it took me a long time to come around to read  Smitten With Ravioli , mostly because I kind of have an unfair attitude about romance. I should have had more faith in Ellen's sense of humor.  Oh, and yes, I noticed that I'm rather late with this post. It was a busy weekend. Title: Smitten with Ravioli Author: Ellen Jacobson Publication Info: Published 2020. 237 pages (paperback edition) Source: Honestly, I'm not sure. The author may have given me a review copy when it came out, or I may have picked it up on a free day or as a 99-cent ebook. In any case, the review is purely my own take on the book. Publisher's blurb: Love is on the menu in this sweet romantic comedy set in Italy. Ginny's Italian cooking course was supposed to be a peaceful escape from