Photo Friday: Signs of Spring

I figure everyone is getting a little tired of winter by now, so I've gone about the neighborhood and gathered some photos of spring on its way! Granted, this is Seattle, not northern Minnesota, but if your spring is still a long way off (or if you live in the southern hemisphere and you are anxiously longing for winter), you can still enjoy the photos, and dream about maybe the best time of year. I shot all these on my cell phone while on my daily walks.

Some kind of fruit tree.

Not sure what this is, just starting to bloom in the park.

Daffodils about to burst forth

Lenten rose

I'm not sure about this. Maybe Oregon grape?

I've no idea.

I loved the new leaves bursting out around the moss-covered stump.


Embarrassed to say this is in my own yard and I'm not sure what it is.

Another tree or bush in the park, starting to bloom.

All these blooming fruit trees tell me I should have gotten my new fruit trees last month.

I hope this has given you a pleasant break from your winter (or whatever season you are, or are not, enjoying)! 

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