Writer's Update: Editing

The Writer At Work (maybe)

Summer-like weather has resulted in some writing happening outside.

"Editing" is the word to describe most of what I'm doing just now. Not only is there the on-going work on A Coastal Corpse, but there are all those photos from my trip last month. I'm currently enjoying reliving my time in the Grand Canyon.

In a way, what I'm doing in my yard is also editing: pruning, weeding, choosing space for some veggies over a decorative plant. I'm rewriting my little piece of land to reflect me, rather than the previous owners.

As for the novel, somehow my efforts to tighten the point of view and locate and eliminate redundant bits has morphed into time spent with the word list I use to locate and fix my most common writing flaws and errors. This is the real work of trying to up my book from a good story to good prose. I'm a little worried because I'm still not 100% confident about the story, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself? If you want to chime in on that question (as in, you'd like to beta-read), let me know in the comments.

Meanwhile I need to go edit out some over-growth in my hedges, along with some over-growth in my words. I hope spring is blooming beautifully where you are (or fall, if you happen to be in the Southern Hemisphere).

Here's a bit of my blooming yard for you:

And a sneak preview of the Canyon, in the form of another bit of blooming spring:



Short fiction and my goals around submitting stories are on hold as I can't manage that many projects at once.

Check back on Friday, when I should have the first installment of the Canyon photos up!

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  1. I keep wondering if I'm supposed to be reading your MS. Which means none of the other books in my immediate list I really fancy. But no, I'm waiting for the next version...
    There's a great gardener called Alys Fowler who grows her veggies and flowers and shrubs all together in her backyard. British, but you may be able to find some ideas online.

  2. I've been in the editing trenches a lot lately, as well. Right now, it's easier than trying to write new stuff for a novel given how upheaved my life has been this year. At least a few things are good things, like my nephew graduating, but damn, there is a lot going on this year for me.


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