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Thanks to an injury to my foot (exact extent of the problem TBD when I see the doctor Thursday), I came home early. Also thanks to that injury, I've been putting in some long hours on the last stages of revision before I send A Coastal Corpse to my beta readers to see how I've done at addressing the issues that sidelined it last year. I'll be sending it out in a few days. If you are willing to read for cohesion, consistency, character, and plot (but not yet polish), let me know and I'll include you.

Meanwhile, I wrote 2/3 of a short story while hanging about in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and will get back to that as soon as I get the novel out. I missed the deadline for the original inspiration for the story, but will find other markets when it's ready.

I also did a lot of sitting and thinking down there (and a certain amount of just sitting); some of that may come out here and there in my writing as well.


Cloaked Press's Spring into Sci Fi 2023, containing my story "Rerouted," is out there now--check it out.
The book is now available on Amazon

That's about it for now. My foot is in a boot, so I can walk around the house (not for exercise), and I can take it off and shower, but I'm going nuts not being able to work out. Going from significant daily walking to zero is hard, but I'm trying to make lemonade by getting at the writing work, and it is getting me excited about more projects!

 Okay, I can't let you go without some kind of sneak preview of the coming photos!

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  1. Rest up your foot and you'll be back to walking before you know it.

  2. Stunning photo. I suppose you could do pull-ups or those miserable push-ups where one leg is lifted, except nobody likes those. Get well!


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