Release Day Spotlight: Revelation of Love, by Patricia Josephine Lynne


The third book is out at last!


Their voices guide us.

Or deceive us.

But is there more to Light and Dark?

Influencers are the voices that whisper in our ears. Tiny Angels and Devils sitting on our shoulders and guiding our choices. They are sworn to thwart the other. It is their duty.

According to the angels.

Sacrificing his angelic powers, Kemuel becomes a Light Influencer to discover why they are disappearing. As well as securing the mortal’s soul for the war. But with each Light choice, the mortal’s soul grows ever darker.

What piece of the puzzle is Kemuel missing? Why would a Dark Influencer choose Light? The truth requires great sacrifice.







Most of us know the concept of having a little angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other, swaying us to do either good or evil. We've seen it in cartoons. Well, Josephine takes that idea and fleshes it out by giving these characters feelings and emotions.  --Nick Wilford

I love the idea of what the little angels and devils on our shoulders who whisper into our ears are thinking, and how they relate to one another. I'd really like to see more in this series. Hint, hint!  --Christine Rains

You know those old Looney Tunes cartoons, where the angels and devils sit on the characters' shoulders and try to talk them into doing good or evil? Well, Patricia Josephine looked at those cartoons and said "know what would make this better? Relationship drama and romance!"  --C.D. Gallant-King



Writer, Creator, Crafter, Paranormal Junkee

A paranormal and fantasy junkee, Patricia J.L. loves to craft young adult and new adult stories about vampires, mermaids, angels, demons, zombies, and other mythical monsters. Aliens might even appear in her stories. No matter what fantasy creature you crave. Patricia J.L. has a story for every imagination! You can find her young adult novels under Patricia Lynne and her adult novels under Patricia Josephine.




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