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The November question: November is National Novel Writing Month [NaNoWriMo, or just NaNo]. Have you ever participated? Why or why not?

To that, I'm adding my own, are you participating this year?


I suggested last week that it's time for me to think about NaNo again, only to realize that by the time this posts up, it would be under way! That's kind of how I've been in relation to time for quite a while now. A bit lost. 

To begin with the first part of the official question, I have done NaNo 6 or 7 times, though a couple of those were as a "NaNo Rebel" where I worked on editing a novel or assembling an anthology.

If I'm in the right place to pound out a draft in November (i.e., not in the middle of editing something else, or too early in the development stages, or traveling the world, or...) I have found it to be a helpful way to add an energy boost to the process. I do think my drafts come out best when I start with a good plan and then blast through the first draft as quickly as possible. All the silly NaNo gimmicks help keep me focused, and add a layer of accountability that I need. (I guess that answers the "why?" part of the question.) 

So am I going to do it this year? Well, yeah. I'm not quite ready to start, so I'll probably spend the first several days continuing to work on my outline/plan for the novel ("outline" always seems a bit too formal for what I generally start with). I'm also spending the last 2 weeks of the month, less some time out for Thanksgiving, at a solo writer's residency, so that lends itself well to the "write like hell until it's done" approach.

Since NaNo targets 50K words, and my novels run 80K+, I''m not sure I've ever totally finished in the 30 days. But I have always kept on after the end of the month until I am done, and that's the plan this time. I don't yet know what is going to happen with the first novel in my new "Seffi Wardwell Investigates" series (tentative series name, for want of something more creative), but I'm going ahead with the next, having put a lot of thought into a better understanding of my main character. I may need to talk about that as I go.

So there's the longish answer! How about you? If you are doing NaNo, want to buddy up? Also--do you participate in the local live events? 

Nov. 1 update: I took a long hard look at what I have in terms of notes and an outline... and started writing. I hit 2200 words in two writing sessions. It's a good feeling.

 Write on, wherever you find yourself!


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