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Each month the IWSG shares an optional question we can use to jump-start our posts. This month's question is,

What genre would be the worst one for you to tackle and why?
Before I get to the question, I'll do my update. I've now been home for a month, and have almost settled into as much of a routine as I get. I've also finally gotten my new book--A Coastal Corpse--to the point where I'm sending it to some select readers. I'll be doing another round of revisions and, I hope, getting it out to a larger group of beta readers in a couple of weeks. If you'd like to be one, please leave me a note! 
Meanwhile, I'll be getting around to my IWSG visits next week, because I've gone hiking (yes, again). All that traipsing around the Alps didn't satisfy my need to spend some nights in a tent by an alpine lake!
As for the question, there is really only one genre I totally avoid. No way could I write erotica, both because I couldn't give it to my mom to read, and because I really just couldn't write that stuff. There are two other genres that I kind of avoid, though I've dabbled a little in each, at least in my flash fiction: horror, and romance. While I do include some romance in my mysteries, I don't think I could write conventional romance; I've never been a fan and these days I can't read it at all. As for horror--I've played with it, but usually my horror ends up having a laugh hidden in it by the end. It's another genre that I really can't read, and never could, so it figures I can't write it. I've got enough scary stuff in my head. I don't need to encourage it.
How about you? What genre(s) scare you off, or perhaps just stymie you?
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  1. I've seen many posts today saying romance is not that person's genre. :)

  2. Glad you're getting settled in. I could write romance in another genre too.

  3. Romance has surprisingly been a genre that most people, including myself, did not want to write. I am truly surprised though TBH.

  4. Romance is one of the genres I don't try writing in mostly because I'm just not into reading it. However, like you, I will include romantic scenes in my stories (speculative fiction) if the story calls for them, but I would not have the patience to write even just a whole short story in the romance genre.

    Good luck with your new book.

  5. Drat. I don't seem to be able to reply to individual comments, so there are still issues with Blogger on this score.

    Funny how few of us want to write romance, though there's usually a bit of it in most books. What I can't write, because I have no patience with it, is the sort where the couple think they hate each other until suddenly they think they love each other.

  6. By the way, Steven, I don't seem to be able to comment on your post--don't get the box to type anything.


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