Photo Friday, or maybe just excuses for not writing

Today I have for you... a few shots of a the giant driving marathon I've been on this past week. I was sad to have to leave my new home almost as soon as the truck was unloaded, but Eldest Son needed help moving home with his newly-minted MA, and we needed to be in CA for my father-in-law's memorial gathering. So since last Saturday I have driven from Seattle to Boulder, CO, and back to California (still have to finish the loop back to Seattle). Along the (2500-mile) way I have managed to get in 2 things I could call a hike and a couple of walks. Here are a few highlights.

This was either Montana or Wyoming. A roadside rest stop with full facilities for all users.

One walk was at Vedauwoo Climbing Area in Wyoming. I meant to camp there, but the place wasn't open yet for the season.

I did camp nearby, and woke to snow and then hail. I 80 was heavily fogged in. This shot is from my breakfast stop, after the fog thinned a bit.

Managed to break away from the packing up (haven't I done ENOUGH of that lately??) to hike at Red Rocks in Boulder.

Me, with rocks I did not climb.

Shipped three boxes home, and got the rest of the offspring's stuff into the car along with my camping gear.

I could even mostly see out the back, though the bike made that somewhat pointless.

Drove well into Utah before we stopped. Found a nice quiet campsite off a random dirt road--my favorite kind, in some of my favorite terrain.

Views from camp

I walked and climbed a little to get this view. Felt so good after all the driving!

I've said it before... I70 across the San Rafael reef is the most spectacular freeway anywhere.

That was a long day... made it to Truckee, CA. Meant to camp at the state park and get showers, but they hadn't opened for the season yet either (we were just one day too soon). Who knew? Found a forest service campground instead. No showers, but way cheaper.
Thursday morning, 6-mile hike after breakfast before going on to the hot, hazy Central Valley of CA.

Sometimes things are just weird. Like doors in hillsides. You can write the story for this one!

Write? did I say "write'? Why, yes, I have begun to revise the new draft of A Coastal Corpse, if only a few pages and only in the last couple of days. But fifteen or twenty minutes of work is a triumph under the circs, don't you think?

Catch you next week with some real blog posts, maybe even a book review!

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