Writer Update: Moving is disruptive

It's been a while. I've not given up on blogging--not yet. But I have had to let it go while dealing with life. I think I'm back now, though the whole moving thing isn't over.

Just one week ago, this happened. Yes, that's a U-Haul, and yes, I did at least some of the loading. I also owe huge thanks to the friends, relations, and neighbors who helped make it happen.

The flip side is this: 

That's my stuff going into a storage unit. Now I'm neck deep in trying to find my new home, learning the hard lessons about balancing dreams and reality, and still hoping for the perfect--for me--house.

However, now that things are settling down to home tours and waiting, I'm at last back at work on the novel! I managed a couple of hours of work on it this morning, and am over 70K on the re-drafting. That is to say, I'm into the home stretch. If I can recover my vision I should be able to finish the draft in the next week and start finding out if I've improved matters any with this radical approach to revision. (Since I've been away so much, I'll explain: I decided that the book was such a hot mess that it would be easier to re-outline and write it again than to clean up what I had. It's gone pretty well, but the proof is in the editing, so we'll see.)

I'm also chipping away at editing my photos from the Grand Canyon and hope to start sharing those on Friday--watch this space! And finally, I should start having some book reviews next week.

Sneak preview

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  1. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.... and don't give up on the home of your dreams, unless you find one that is in the right location and nearly dreamlike.

    1. Way too early to settle for anything less than nearly dreamlike :)


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