Writer Update and Grand Canyon Teaser

The writer update is pretty short and maybe not so sweet: I'm in the middle of moving from California back home to Washington, and writing... well, it's hard to squeeze it in when you're packing boxes all day and worrying about the effects of the rapid interest-rate hikes on home sales. So I've made only a very little progress on the novel this month, though I did manage to make some good notes and write a few pages.

As for the Grand Canyon... I have an awful lot of photos to edit from a 6-day backpack trip to the bottom of the Canyon, so I'm starting with just a few shots from the South Rim, and a few from the trip out to the Canyon. I'll get back to that with more, too--I saw some nice places coming and going.

I started the trip with a quick visit to the Bay Area, where I stopped in to see my grandsnake (okay, my son's pet Sinoloan milksnake).
I took time for a couple of walks by the ocean, something I've missed while living inland.
Then in was on the road and headed east, just as the state started to get some much-needed rain.
Basalt Campground, San Luis Reservoir

My next stop was the Kelso Dunes in the East Mojave Preserve, a spot I dearly love. I'll share more from my dunes climb later, but here are a couple of images from the damp evening in camp!

Happily, the sun came out enough in the morning to dry the tent.

Evening rain shafts. There was some thunder and lightning, too.

Then it's on to the Grand Canyon. I stopped as I came into the Park to get a few shots from Mather Point. The bit of green way down there is Phantom Ranch/Bright Angel campground, where we spent 2 of the 5 nights.

The Colorado runs from right to left; the canyon leading to the top of the photo is Bright Angel Creek and the North Kaibab trail route.

Stay tuned--I expect to start getting a proper trip report up in about a week, once I'm done with the first stage of my move.

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