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Spring is springing all over the place, and I'm writing my little heart out. I think I have shared already that I decided the only thing to do about my utter mess of a draft of my new novel was... to write it over. I'm now approaching the 20,000-word mark (i.e., about 1/4 of the way), and my initial concerns about this approach are getting nicely put to rest. Of course, I won't really know if it's any less messy until I get to the end and read it over, but I feel  like I know much better where I'm going and why, and I'm picking up the characters that got neglected the first time around.

 It's not a terribly fast process--it's going to take the same 6 weeks or so to draft as it did the first time. Honestly, that's about as much as I can handle typing per day, so even though I think it's flowing better (at least at the moment), I can't do much over 2000 words/day. That's due to limitations both physical--I'm trying to avoid a flare-up of the tendonitis in my elbow--and temporal: I'm working on prepping my house to sell next month, not to mention trying to get fit enough to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (and back out, with a full pack). Still, it's going well, and it's fun.

So, at this point: a qualified success.

In other writer news:
I'm pretty discouraged about my sales over the last few months, but since I'm also too swamped to do much of anything about it, I'm going to let it ride for now, and count any sales at all as a bonus. I had two stories out on submissions, one of which just came back.  Since those are the only stories I have ready right now, I will search for a new place and send it off again.

Oh, and Google has made my life more difficult by changing the game; I am going to have to change the main email (@ninjalibrarian.com) I use for all my writer biz in order to avoid having to start paying monthly for the service. They have the right, of course. I just wish I'd not gone that route in the first place, given the headache it's going to be now. I have until May to shift things.

That's about it for writer news!


I'm going to miss some things about this place. The fruit trees are starting to bloom, just to mock me with the reminder I won't be here to eat the fruit.

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  1. Happy Spring -- glad to hear you're hard at work, despite the sales slump. Don't let it slump you! I take your dedication as motivation to get back to my own writing.

    I love the flower pix - too bad it never worked out that we could visit you there. Good luck with prepping house.

  2. I think the market is down generally, so don't fret too much. Check the base prices of your paperbacks when you have time. Paper prices have shot up and Amazon (for one) is charging what it likes.


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