Out today--Zanzibar's Rings, Book 3 of the Viridian System trilogy

 Launching today!

The final adventure of my favorite asteroid miners!

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Zanzibar's Rings: Book 3 of the Viridian System series
By Jemima Pett
Published Feb. 22, 2022 by Princelings Publications
A galactic crisis: the entire comms system destroyed. No waypoints, no navigation aids, no database access... and how will spaceships in flight get home - or to any destination? Dolores is stuck in warp with a very dangerous passenger, Pete gets his shuttle back home on manual. But how come anything in close contact with pure orichalcum fixes itself? Just flying through Zanzibar's Rings solves the problem - as the Federation's fighters find, as they descend on the Viridian System to take possession of the planets.

Zanzibar's Rings is the third and final book of the Viridian System series.

ebook links (launch offer of $2.99 is good until late March!)

About the Author:

Jemima Pett has been an independent author for over ten years, with twenty titles published, and plenty more in the notebook waiting to be written. 

Jemima reckons she read all of the science fiction in her local library, and most enjoys alternative universes, time travel, consequences of social change and unusual ideas surrounding alien species.  Her favourite authors include Anne McCaffrey, Fritz Lieber, Poul Anderson,  Becky Chambers, Matt Haig, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Clare O’Beara, Jennifer Ellis…  She also loves series – once involved with characters she loves to read their continuing adventures.

She has degrees or diplomas in maths, earth sciences and environmental technology and studied with the Unthank School of Writing while she lived in Norfolk. She now lives in Hampshire, where she enjoys rewilding her garden, raising organically grown vegetables, and birdwatching.

Visit Jemima’s website at jemimapett.com or connect with her at BookBub, TwitterFacebookGoodreadsInstagram and Pinterest.


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