Writer's Update: Maybe working?

It should come as a surprise to no one, least of all me, that having just returned from a month of travel on the opposite side of the world, I'm not exactly back leaping into my writing routine. So why am I so surprised? Slow learner, I guess.

Let's see: I got home Saturday afternoon. I spent Saturday and Sunday taking care of all the laundry and gear cleaning needed (boy, that trekker laundry was ripe! When a sniffer dog at the airport checked out my duffel, I was afraid it would drop dead on the spot). And napping. Monday I managed to get started on photo editing, with a nap thrown in.

Tuesday was the day: I showed up for my writers' accountability at 9, set my goal, noted I had a dentist appointment, and took off. And... I achieved my goal!

Okay, the goal was to print out the draft of my new novel, so I can start thinking about editing it. Still--I got it done, and it really did take all the extra time I had either side of the dentist, since I also had to go scrounging for paper to recycle into my draft--I do prefer to use recycled paper for such, and in any case, I didn't have enough fresh new paper to do it (note to self: buy more paper).

In other news, I've started photo edits, creating the hand-stitched panoramas and culling the obvious fails. I have it down to a mere 2100 pictures to look at more seriously.

Finally, while on my trek, I wrote two goofy stories, which I will be sharing here in the next couple of weeks, along with photos as I have them ready. I'm hoping I can do the Kathmandu photos this Friday and get on to the mountains next week.

Here's one to start with, designed to both represent the state of my brain and to give my electrician friend nightmares:


  1. Hi Rebecca - well done on getting back and I can quite understand the 'muddle' you're in - til your brain lets you completely transfer to the USA ... adjustment has its challenges. The photo is perfect ... take care and looking forward to seeing your photos when you're ready. Cheers Hilary

  2. Welcome back, Rebecca. Yes, those electrical wires everywhere in some countries is enough to stop the heart. Regulations? What's that? Great shot! Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. It looks fine to me... but then I've been there. Is that near the Internet cafe?
    I think you've done well to get as far as printing the draft out.
    But at least you've got something else interesting to read while you recover, as well. lol


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