Photo Saturday: Backpack to Granite Park

Thanks to getting home fairly late on Wednesday and having a lot to do, I decided to make my Friday post a Saturday post this week. Then it slipped, so now it's a Sunday post. I like to keep my readers on their toes!

I spent August in the Sierra with my brother- and sister-in-law. I've shared the training hikes we did; this was the first of two backpacks, a 3-night trip up Pine Creek to Granite Park, with a dayhike to Pine Creek Pass. I'll let the photos mostly tell the tale.

A crack of dawn start let us climb up out of the smoke before it was hot, anyway.

A couple of hours took us to the "real" mountain setting along Pine Creek.

Upper Pine Lake

Honeymoon Lake Camp #1

Honeymoon Lake

Day 2 saw us completing the climb to Granite Park, a day with short mileage but more big climbing.

Granite Park camp. Later I had to move from this spot, as it was too exposed to the winds that howled through with 30-40 mph gusts.

A persistent neighbor

The crack of dawn, smoke-colored


Yes, it was that cold.

We returned to the camp at Honeymoon lake, then day hiked to Pine Creek Pass, turning an easy day into a long and tiring one.

Pine Creek Pass, looking southeast

Honeymoon Lake

Honeymoon Lake sunrise

Pine Creek

And what's a backpack without a great post-hike dinner?

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