Writer's Update

Oops--I missed Monday's post! I'd like to claim it's because I was honoring the holiday, but the truth is, I'm out of the habit of writing regular posts. Given my schedule for the next few months, I may stay that way.

My big writer news for the week: the draft of Seffi's story (title still in the works) is um, complete? It never feels like the glorious moment of triumph that it sounds--my first drafts tend to kind of drift off to the ending, maybe without even attempting the final resolution. I'm still not sure I've even got the right solution to the murder. 

So yeah, the draft is done. I'll be back at it in December. In the mean time, I'm doing a beta read or two, applying to artist's residencies, trying to write some blog posts ahead, and ready to once again get serious about the shift to my new blog/author page. That's almost ready and waiting, I think?

Oh, and when I finish all that, plus editing all those photos from the last trip, I can start thinking about more flash fiction collections--and about submitting stories for publication.

Look for more exciting updates once I've caught my breath! Meanwhile, watch for photos from the August Sierra expeditions!

I could post for a year and not run out of pictures of cool trees, alive and dead!

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