Photo Saturday: Grand Canyon Outtakes

Jemima Pett suggested it, and since there are so many more photos in my Grand Canyon rafting album than I was able to share even in 8 posts on the trip, I'm doing one more, just for some of the pretties that didn't make the cut. Of course, I lost track of the days of the week again, so here's my Photo Friday coming on Saturday again.

These are just some random photos from the first half of the trip that didn't make it into the main trip reports, with minimal commentary.

Approaching Navajo Bridge, Day 1
First morning on the river

Looking for whitewater

Some kind of wormish fossil

The sandstone and limestone portions of the Canyon are full of fossils.
It's not just fossils. The Canyon is full of life.

 Humans, too, sometimes being strange.
The apex of river fashion

Creekside boulder reveals the radical variations in water level in the Little Colorado

Keep an eye on the sky.

Morning haze.
Water color

The beautiful green or clear water we had all the way isn't natural or normal, of course, but a result of the Glen Canyon dam and a lack of recent run-off in side canyons.

Sometimes the color is a reflection of the walls. Sometimes, as here, that red is intensified by minerals in the water.

Hope you enjoyed a little photo break!

 ©Rebecca M. Douglass, 2021
 As always, please ask permission to use any photos or text. Link-backs appreciated.

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