Writer's Wednesday

 Not much to report this week. The collections are coming along, and I have begun processing feedback from my Beta readers for Death By Donut. I don't think I'll need to make any major changes, but some good points were brought up that I do want to address.

And the cover is ready! I'm going to do a reveal Feb. 3, so if you want to participate, let me know and I'll send the info! I'm thinking that should give me enough time to get the pre-order pages up, and bravely set a release date--a deadline I've been afraid to set so far. I think it's time.

The Wizard Libraries and Dragon Archives collection is just waiting on some more proof-reading, and will be joining Missing Snow and Strange Drinks: Tavern Tales Short and Tall any day now.

Maybe the most exciting thing for me as a writer is that "Accountability dates" are working, and I'm at least working well on those two days, with some carry-over to other days.


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