Photo Friday: Penguins all the way

Before I get started on today's penguin extravaganza, I want to report that we got word today that the Plancius has reached her home port (in the Netherlands), and all aboard are healthy (of course, now they have to enter the real world, where it's harder to stay that way). So glad for our staff and crew!

Our 3rd day along the Antarctic Peninsula, the weather was pretty icky--rain at just above freezing is never a favorite of anyone. But we boldly headed ashore, and the gentoo penguins welcomed us with open arms.

In fact, the greeting party was fairly large.

Of course, they are not without their suspicions. The secret service was hard at work, watching in all directions.
Or it might have been Larry, Curly, and Moe
Gentoos are notoriously curious birds, and while we were not to approach them, they were not prevented from approaching us.
One of our shipmates, demonstrating that you only had to hold still and they would come.
I decided to try the "hold still and see if they come" approach, and got the most amazing up close and very personal encounter with a pair of curious birds.

First I looked down and realized I had company.

Squatting made me less intimidating, and Bird One was soon joined by Bird Two.

Shipmate Jen Devries got some good shots of my close encounter as well.

The penguins nabbed whatever they could in their beaks, just testing them. Maybe the way a human would handle stuff? After all, they have no hands to pick up an interesting object.

At this point I handed my phone over to a shipmate to shoot a bit. I was busy wondering just how to react to a rather personal inspection!

I've never posted video before, so I hope this works: just a short clip of the penguins checking me out, shot by the same helpful shipmate.

After all that, back to the ship, with no complaints though I was soggy wet and cold!

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