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This month’s awesome co-hosts are Fundy Blue, Beverly Stowe McClure, Erika Beebe, and Lisa Buie-Collard!
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And now for my post:

Well, another month has passed, and I only spent (counts on fingers) 13 days of it on the road, so I actually managed a little writing this month! I’m ridiculously proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished, even though it’s neither as much as I hoped nor as successful as I would wish. 

Here’s the report:
— The novel: I’ve read through 15 chapters (out of 21), making some changes and a lot of notes. On the drive home Saturday from our Milford Track adventures, I also thought through a plot point that bugged me, and came up with something that I think makes it work. Still have to get that worked into my notes, not to mention the book itself, but I wrote my thoughts down and they have so far stood the test of further contemplation.

—Short stories: I actually managed to finish and edit my story for the WEP post, and even read about a dozen of the other stories (still working on that one).

—I also revised and edited a chapter from a draft from NaNo 3 years ago (sigh) and submitted it as a free-standing short story. It got rejected, but hey, I submitted it! And I think it’s good enough to try to find other places for it.

—I made a first cut on editing (or at least pruning) the approximately 3000 photos I’ve taken so far here in New Zealand. Final edits, which I can’t do until I get back to a real computer, may take years :o

—Made my #Fi50 (Fiction in 50) post with story.

—Wrote 3 book reviews for my blog, and one photo post

Okay, not much compared to my usual efforts, but pretty good for what really amounted to just 2  weeks, during which time I had to deal with a lot of logistics as well. Just to keep myself honest, I’ll make a vow this month to re-submit both the recent story and the one I sent in for the IWSG anthology.

Now for the IWSG question of the month:  do I like to write from the perspective of the hero or the villain? 

Honestly, I’ve never tried writing from the villain’s POV. I can’t really see myself doing so, as I have trouble imagining myself into the mind of a murderer. In any case, I have to admit that I’m kind of a law and order and justice person, so I like to be on the side of the angels. Still, I guess it would be a good exercise.

I’ll let you all know if I try it!

How about you? Any triumphs, large or small, this month? 


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