#Fin50: After Dinner

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After Dinner is this month’s prompt from Bruce Gargoyle in his Fiction in Fifty (Fi50) meme.  You can join in this fun communal story-telling any time you like, and post any time during the month. Bruce posts his today, and you can drop in and link to your own. For the first time, I noticed that the rule is just to write the story in under 50 words. I still like making it exactly 50, exclusive of the title.

After Dinner

When we finish eating, the fun begins. Jane complains about the stew, Sue the peas. Mike says the biscuits could’ve been bullets. Josh takes offense, since he does the cooking.

Ten minutes after we fold our napkins, it’s full-scale war.

Turns out Mike was right about the biscuits. Now what?

©Rebecca M. Douglass, 2017
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