IWSG: On not writing


This month's IWSG Question:
What was your very first piece of writing as an aspiring writer? Where is it now? Collecting dust or has it been published?

So before I get into my main topic, I'll see if I can answer this. Of course, there was the epic "Look into the Future" I wrote in grade school, in which I featured as a genius with a horse farm, thereby showing up my big brother and getting the horses I was crazy about, all in one. Other more sophisticated (but still rather puerile) stories and novellas followed in high school. My first real novel--the first to get close enough that I (rather naively) shopped it to agents--was a mystery novel about bike messengers in Seattle called Dispatched to Death. Coincidentally, I was working as a messenger at the time...and though I retain a fondness for the book, that one will remain in my files.

Okay, on to the main bit of insecurity, which hasn't really changed from last month: I'm not writing. I know the reason for that is simple and is sort of okay. I've been on the road/trail for more than 3 of the last 5 weeks, which means that the time I've been home I've been pretty busy recovering from one trip and prepping for the next (photo-editing takes a lot of time after trips!). Really, things have been kind of non-stop here since mid-May. And that coincided with sending my MS (Ninja Librarian Book 3, The Problem of Peggy) off to my editors and beta-readers, so it makes sense.

But I'd had visions of writing short stories to market, starting the next book, or at least getting a bit of traction for editing the 3rd Pismawallops PTA mystery. Not happening. And in 10 days I take off for a week in Seattle helping my Mom move, so I can expect more wheel-spinning. It's getting to be embarrassing when people ask how my writing is going. And I only know one cure for that: make a plan, sit my backside down (turn off the internet) and get to writing/editing. That way I won't be looking at the September IWSG post and making more excuses. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the photos that come out of my vacations!

What about you? Are you a summer writer, or like me, frequently derailed by summertime?


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