S is for Simon Sharp #AtoZChallenge

S is for Simon Sharp, of The Camelot Kids by Ben Zackheim In a nutshell: Simon is a stubborn, independent, resourceful kid -- mostly because his luck runs the gamut. His best days can end up as his worst days. And his closest friends can be his greatest enemies. His biggest secret is that he's the reincarnation of a Knight of the Round Table. Favorite line: "How many more surprises does Merlin plan to pull out of his beard?" I reviewed this one recently , and found it a highly enjoyable read.    Learn more about Ben and his books on his web page .

R is for Ron Karlson #AtoZChallenge

R is for Ron Karlson of Pismawallops Island In a nutshell: Ron is chief of police on Pismawallops Island, which means he's pretty much the Law in the Pismawallops PTA mysteries. Biggest secret: Okay, this is really the worst-kept secret: Ron is madly in love with series narrator JJ MacGregor. And he's stopped keeping it secret. Since this is Friday, i.e., Flash Fiction day, Ron gets his own story today, not merely a favorite quote. In the Line of Duty When his radio disturbed him, Ron Karlson was sitting in his police cruiser staring out to sea and thinking. “Chief? You out there?” The Pismawallops Island police force, having precisely 2.5 officers, could be informal. He reached for the handset. “Karlson here.” “Homer’s lost his car again.” The dispatcher sounded like she was rolling her eyes. Homer Roller. The biggest disaster ever to grace a cop car. He had a tendency to leave the car in odd places, forget where he’d parked, and hit the panic button, sure the car had been sto

Q is for Queen Kira #AtoZChallenge

Q is for Queen Kira of Castle Marsh In a nutshell: Queen Kira of Castle Marsh (formerly Princess Kira of Chateau Dimerie); elegant, steady, determined and feisty princess who uses her logical brain as well as her emotional intelligence.  She is the rock on which Castle Marsh’s king (Fred) bases all his good work.  And she’s really nice with it! Biggest secret: She knows Fred’s brother, Prince Engineer George, loves her too.  There’s nothing so sad as a gentle soul suffering from unrequited love. First discovered in the Princelings and the Pirates, when Fred saves her from being held hostage by the pirate king.  She then has a heart-rending adventure in Princelings and the Lost City, when the victim of kidnap (yet again), but brings her influence to bear on her captors to get them to change. Excerpt from The Princelings and the Lost City:  [Princess Kira has been kidnapped by the Queen of Arbor, and now kidnapped again by some rebels causing Arbor trouble] Princess Kira sat in the